B.A. in Political Science - Applied Public Policy Concentration

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

(*Note: As of Winter 2018/2019, this program is no longer accepting new students.)

General Education Requirements
English Composition requirements6
Mathematics requirement3
Public Speaking requirement3
Science requirements6
Behavioral and Social Science requirements6
Humanities requirements6
Arts requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Student Electives9
Writing Emphasis requirements9
Language & Culture Requirement
Demonstrating language proficiency through the intermediate level (202) or demonstrating language proficiency through the elementary II (102) level of a language and further acquiring a cultural foundation.3-15
Major Core Requirements
Other than the Capstone Seminar, the core courses should be taken during the first and second year
PSC 100United States Government and Politics3
PSC 200Political Analysis3
PSC 202Elements of Public Administration3
PSC 213International Relations3
PSC 230Introduction to Political Thought3
PSC 240Introduction to Comparative Politics3
PSC 401Senior Project in Political Science3
Other Major Requirements
PSC 322Public Opinion, Media and Politics3
PSC 356US Public Policy3
PSC 357Advanced Political Analysis3
PSC 358Applied Public Policy Analysis3
Select two additional PSC courses from the following:6
Women and Politics
Urban Politics
Constitutional Law I: Government Institutions: Power and Constraints
Energy and the Political Process
Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Latinx Politics
Environmental Politics and Policy
Congressional Politics
Presidential Politics
State and Local Government
Select one ECO course chosen under advisement3
Select one GEO course chosen under advisement3
Select one SOC course chosen under advisement3
Select electives to complete the 120 degree requirements
Total Minimum Credits Required120