B.S. in Accounting

College of Business and Public Management
General Education Requirements
English Composition requirements6
Mathematics requirement3
Select one of the following:
Algebra, Functions, and Trigonometry 1
Algebra and Functions 1
Brief Calculus 1
Precalculus 1
Calculus I 1
Public Speaking requirement3
Public Speaking
Business and Professional Speech Communication
Behavioral & Social Science requirements6
Principles of Economics (Macro) 1
Science requirements6
Humanities requirements6
Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Introduction to Ethics
Arts requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Student electives9
Writing Emphasis requirements9
Major Requirements
ACC 201Financial Accounting 13
ACC 202Managerial Accounting 13
ACC 301Intermediate Accounting I 13
ACC 302Intermediate Accounting II 13
ACC 303Cost Accounting I 13
ACC 305Intermediate Accounting III 13
ACC 320Accounting Information Systems3
ACC 401Auditing 13
ACC 403Federal Taxation I 13
ACC 404Federal Taxation II 13
ACC 405Advanced Accounting 13
ACC 407Not-For-Profit & Governmental Accounting 13
BLA 201Legal Environment of Business 13
ECO 112Principles of Economics (Micro) 13
ECO 251Business Analytics I 13
ECO 351Business Analytics II 13
FIN 325Corporate Finance 13
MGT 200Principles of Management 13
MGT 313Business and Society 13
MGT 341Production and Operations Management 13
MGT 499Business Policy and Strategy 13
MKT 250Principles of Marketing 13
Related/Cognate Requirements
MAT 143Brief Calculus 23
or MAT 161 Calculus I
Student Electives3
Total Minimum Credits Required120

A minimum of 30 semester hours in business courses must be completed at West Chester University, with a minimum of 15 semester hours in 300-400 level ACC courses.

To track their individual degree progress, students are advised to access their Degree Progress Report (DPR) via myWCU regularly. For more information, visit wcupa.edu/DegreeProgressReport.

The following is a suggested course sequence for this program; course offerings and availability are not guaranteed. Students should consult their academic advisor with any questions.

Effective for Students Entering Major Fall 2015 & After

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
ECO 111 Principles of Economics (Macro) 3
MAT 115
Algebra, Functions, and Trigonometry
or Algebra and Functions
or Precalculus
WRT 120 Effective Writing I 3
Humanities Elective (HIS\ LIT) 3
Social Science Elective 3
Semester Two
ECO 112 Principles of Economics (Micro) 3
Any Approved 200 level WRT Course 3
PHI 101
Introduction to Philosophy
or Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
or Introduction to Ethics
Science Elective 3
MAT 143
Brief Calculus
or Calculus I
Year Two
Semester Three
ACC 201 Financial Accounting 3
Science Elective 3
MKT 250 Principles of Marketing 3
ECO 251 Business Analytics I 3
MGT 200 Principles of Management 3
Semester Four
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting 3
BLA 201 Legal Environment of Business 3
SPK 208
Public Speaking
or Business and Professional Speech Communication
ECO 351 Business Analytics II 3
Arts Elective 3
See Applying for a Business Major below  
Year Three
Semester Five
ACC 301 Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACC 320 Accounting Information Systems 3
MGT 313 Business and Society (W) 3
FIN 325 Corporate Finance 3
Interdisciplinary Elective (I) 3
Semester Six
ACC 302 Intermediate Accounting II 3
ACC 303 Cost Accounting I 3
ACC 407 Not-For-Profit & Governmental Accounting 3
Diversity Elective (J) 3
Free Elective 3
Year Four
Semester Seven
ACC 305 Intermediate Accounting III 3
ACC 403 Federal Taxation I 3
ACC 401 Auditing 3
MGT 341 Production and Operations Management 3
Free Elective 3
Semester Eight
MGT 499 Business Policy and Strategy (W) 3
ACC 404 Federal Taxation II 3
ACC 405 Advanced Accounting 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
 Total Credits120
  • A minimum of 15 credit hours in 300- or 400- level ACC courses must be taken at WCU.
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours in business courses must be taken at WCU.
  • A minimum grade of C is required in all MAJOR AREA courses and the following:
    ECO 111Principles of Economics (Macro)3
    ECO 112Principles of Economics (Micro)3
    ACC 201Financial Accounting3
    ACC 202Managerial Accounting3
    ECO 251Business Analytics I3
    ECO 351Business Analytics II3
    BLA 201Legal Environment of Business3
    FIN 325Corporate Finance3
    MGT 200Principles of Management3
    MGT 313Business and Society3
    MGT 341Production and Operations Management3
    MGT 499Business Policy and Strategy3
    MKT 250Principles of Marketing3
    Select one of the following:3-4
    Algebra and Functions
    Algebra, Functions, and Trigonometry
    Brief Calculus
    Calculus I
    Otherwise these courses must be repeated until the required minimum (e.g., a grade of C or better) is earned. See catalog for WCU’s repeat policy. Students must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA to register for 300 or 400 level business courses and to graduate.