New Student Programs

The Office of New Student Programs coordinates orientation and outreach programs for first-year (freshman), transfer, and adult-learner students. Orientation programs include sessions in June, August, and January.

West Chester’s orientation programs are designed to introduce new students to the University and acquaint them with the academic, student services, and social aspects of college life. Attendance at orientation is mandatory for all first-year students and for students transferring with 59 credits or less. Students transferring with 60 credits or more are offered the option to attend on-campus orientation or complete an online orientation course.

New student outreach includes participation in Welcome Week as well as new student programming efforts such as the New Student Success Series, the New Student Connect, and Family Weekend. New Student Programs also co-sponsors the new student leadership retreat held early in the fall semester. The New Student Programs staff are available to serve as a resource and to help incoming first-year, transfer, and adult-learner students make a successful transition to West Chester University.

The Office of New Student Programs is located in 202 Lawrence Center, 610-436-3305.