M.S. in Transformative Education and Social Change

College of Education and Social Work
Programmatic Core: Pre-Candidacy
ERM 591Introduction to Critical Action Research3
EDF 511Foundations of Transformative Education3
EDP 570Cognition and Transformation3
EDT 511Social and Cultural Implications of Educational Technology3
Programmatic Core: Candidacy
These courses will be taken upon completion of all pre-candidacy coursework.
EDF 588Critical Pedagogy and the Politics of Education3
EDF 580History Of American Education3
or EDU 580 Critical History of Education in Philadelphia
Focused Inquiry Electives12
A faculty advisor possessing expertise in the student's thematic concern must approve the selection of the four focused inquiry electives. The courses chosen for the focused inquiry should assist the student in understanding and addressing the thematic concern, which was chosen and investigated within the Pre-Candidacy Phase, so that the courses help the student in fleshing out the problem and identifying potential solutions. The focused inquiry sequence does not need to be selected from a single content area, but may straddle many different areas; possibly from across the university.
Curriculum and Thesis Development
ERM 595Critical Action Research Thesis Project3
Total Minimum Credits Required33