Enrollment Policy

Students have a maximum of six years for degree completion. During that time students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment during fall and spring semesters. Failure to maintain continuous enrollment may affect degree completion due to course availability. Before a semester of non-enrollment, students are encouraged to contact their graduate coordinator, The Graduate School, Financial Aid Office (if applicable), and Center for International Programs (if applicable) to discuss implications of non-enrollment. A maximum of two semesters of non-enrollment are permitted before a student must enroll or request a leave of absence. Students who fail to re-enroll or request a leave of absence are subject to readmission.

Enrollment Classification

  1. Enrolled              
    1. Enrolled in at least 1 credit-bearing course.
    2. Enrolled in GSR 799, Continuous Registration. This denotes Graduate Student Research – this enrollment classification is designated for students completing IP grades and/or taking comprehensive exams. Students will be permitted to enroll in GSR 799 if actively engaged in work towards the completion of the IP or comprehensive exams. The graduate coordinator must confirm a student is actively working on the completion of an IP or comprehensive exams before a student is enrolled in GSR 799. Students will only be permitted two consecutive semesters of enrollment in GSR 799. GSR 799 is a non-graded and non-credit bearing course.                
  2. Non-Enrolled
    1. Enrolled in 0 hours of credit-bearing courses.
    2. Not eligible for GSR 799
    3. Students can have up to two consecutive semesters (fall and spring) of non-enrollment.
    4. Students must apply for a Leave of Absence during the second semester of non-enrollment or enroll in credit-bearing courses for the upcoming semester in order to maintain good enrollment status.
  3. Leave of Absence (LOA)
    1. Students wishing to be excused from the enrollment policy due to extenuating circumstances must file a formal request for a Leave of Absence. Forms are available on The Graduate School website.
    2. A Leave of Absence is not guaranteed, and students must request the LOA before the start of the semester in which the leave is requested. 

Leave of Absence

The Leave of Absence form can be found on The Graduate School website.