Certificate in Orff-Schulwerk

Wells School of Music

This program is designed for in-service music educators who wish to upgrade their skills in the classroom and choral instruction using the materials, musicianship skills, and methodologies in a focused program based on the teaching approaches developed by Carl Orff, yet who do not wish to undertake a full master's degree curriculum.

The Orff-Schulwerk certificate program is designed to be completed in three consecutive summers of study:

First Summer
MUE 570Orff-Schulwerk: Lev I Basic Musicianship2
MUE 571Orff Schulwerk: Level I Recorder1
MUE 572Orff Schulwerk: Level I Movement1
Second Summer
MUE 573Orff Schulwerk: Level II Basic Musicianship2
MUE 574Orff Schulwerk: Level II Recorder1
MUE 575Orff Schulwerk: Level II Movement1
MUE 579Orff Schulwert: Recorder Ensemble 11
MUE 580Orff Schulwerk: Movement 11
Third Summer
MUE 576Orff Schulwerk: Level III Basic Musicianship2
MUE 577Orff Schulwerk: Level III Recorder1
MUE 578Orff Schulwerk: Level III Movement1
MUE 581Orff Schulwerk: Instrumentarium Practicum 11
MUE 582Orff-Schulwerk Final Project1
MUE 583Seminar in Orff Schulwerk2
Total Minimum Credits Required18

 MUE 579, MUE 580, and MUE 581 may be taken in either the second or third summer of study, after students have successfully completed MUE 571, MUE 572, and MUE 573.