Certificate in Orff-Schulwerk

Wells School of Music

This program is designed for in-service music educators who wish to upgrade their skills in the classroom and choral instruction using the materials, musicianship skills, and methodologies in a focused program based on the teaching approaches developed by Carl Orff, yet who do not wish to undertake a full master's degree curriculum.

The Orff-Schulwerk certificate program is designed to be completed in three consecutive summers of study:

First Summer
MUE 570Orff-Schulwerk: Lev I Basic Musicianship2
MUE 571Orff Schulwerk: Level I Recorder1
MUE 572Orff Schulwerk: Level I Movement1
Second Summer
MUE 573Orff Schulwerk: Level II Basic Musicianship2
MUE 574Orff Schulwerk: Level II Recorder1
MUE 575Orff Schulwerk: Level II Movement1
MUE 579Orff Schulwert: Recorder Ensemble 11
MUE 580Orff Schulwerk: Movement 11
Third Summer
MUE 576Orff Schulwerk: Level III Basic Musicianship2
MUE 577Orff Schulwerk: Level III Recorder1
MUE 578Orff Schulwerk: Level III Movement1
MUE 581Orff Schulwerk: Instrumentarium Practicum 11
MUE 582Orff-Schulwerk Final Project1
MUE 583Seminar in Orff Schulwerk2
Total Minimum Credits Required18