Payment Information

Payment of Fees

Students receive an email notification when new charges are posted to their account. Upon receipt of the email, students may view and print an on-demand Statement of Account/Bill via myWCU. Students are required to check their WCU e-mail regularly. In order for parents/guardians to view and print an on-demand Statement of Account/Bill, students must delegate access to them through myWCU.

QuikPAY Online Payments

QuikPAY is the university's online payment system and allows students to:

  • Pay charges 24/7
  • Pay using e-check or credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card (A convenience fee of 2.75% will be assessed by our vendor for credit card payments.)
  • Authorize Payers (parents, guardians, or sponsors) to pay charges
  • Confirm payment immediately
  • Enroll in a payment plan for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters

Please note: Students must first set up Authorized Payers in QuikPAY before they are able to access the system. Authorized Payers will receive an email with their own login name. They will need to contact the student for a temporary password.

Students can also make payments in person using cash, check, or money order.  

It is the responsibility of each student to pay their charges by the due date. Students who fail to pay by the due date will be assessed a $50 late payment fee.

Students who are receiving approved financial aid awards that fully cover or exceed the amount of their charges do not have to pay, but they must activate their account/confirm their enrollment online via myWCU. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of registration/schedule and the assessment of late penalties. Students who cannot pay their charges in full by the due date may enroll in a partial payment plan (see Partial Payment Policy).

Students who owe money to the University will have a hold placed on their accounts. If students do not clear the hold by paying the amount owed, it will cancel registration/scheduling for future semesters, prevent the release of transcripts, and prohibit graduation clearance. The University also may, at its discretion, invoke any other penalty appropriate for a particular case in which money is owed to the University.

Partial Payment Policy

The University has partnered with QuikPAY to offer a variety of payment plan options.  These plans are available to all students who are in good financial standing and have not defaulted on a previous payment plan. The nonrefundable fee charged for this service is $35 per semester. For more information about the plans offered, please visit the Bursar's webpage or contact the office at 610-436-2552.

Uncollectible Check Policy

A fee of $25 is charged for any paper check or e-check returned to the University for insufficient funds, stopped payment, or closed account. The University may, at its discretion, charge this fee for any check returned to it for any other reason.

Students who have two or more checks returned against their accounts will no longer be able to make payment by personal check; all future payments must be made by cash or certified check.