M.A. in Mathematics

College of the Sciences and Mathematics
Required Courses
MAT 515Algebra I3
MAT 516Algebra II3
MAT 545Real Analysis I3
MAT 546Real Analysis II3
MAT 532Geometry I3
or MAT 533 Geometry II
or MAT 535 Topology
or MAT 536 Algebraic Topology
STA 505Mathematical Statistics I3
A student may choose from among 500-level MAT course offerings, as well as MTE 507, MTE 508, MTE 512, and MTE 604. Upon advisement, some MTE, CSC, STA, or business graduate classes may be selected. MAT 500 does not apply towards this requirement..15
Capstone Experience
A student may choose one of two different capstone experiences:
Thesis - Student selects MAT 609 and MAT 610, which replace 6 credits of electives.
Oral Comprehensive Exam in 3 different subject areas.
Total Minimum Credits Required33