M.Ed. in Secondary Education

College of Education and Social Work
Regular Track Program Courses
EDP 501Young Adolescent/Adolescent Cognition, Development, and Learning Theories3
EDA 511Inclusion & Collaboration3
ERM 555Advanced Assessment for Learning: 7-123
EDR 550Literacy Development for Students w/ Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms3
ENG 569Teaching English Language Learners (ELLs) PK-123
Choose one of the following:3
Comparative Education
Foundations of Transformative Education
History Of American Education
The American School As Social Narrative
Pedagogy Coursework
SED 505Field Experience For Secondary Teachers3
SED 510Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education3
SED 511Secondary Student Teaching Internship6
SED 515Action Research Seminar3
Select 6 credits from the following:
Teaching and Learning in Secondary Social Studies
Teaching and Learning in Secondary Mathematics
Teaching and Learning in Secondary Science
Teaching and Learning in Secondary English Language Arts
Total Minimum Credits Required39