Minor in Political Science

College of the Sciences and Mathematics
Core Courses
PSC 100United States Government and Politics3
Select three of the following:9
Political Analysis
Elements of Public Administration
International Relations
Introduction to Political Thought
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Select two elective courses at the 300-level chosen from within one of three area concentrations:6
a. Government and Politics: 1
Women and Politics
Urban Politics
U.S. Foreign Policy
Public Opinion, Media and Politics
Racial/Ethnic Politics
U.S. Political Parties
Campaigns and Elections
Courts, Law and Policy
U.S. Political Thought
Contemporary Political Thought
Constitutional Law I: Government Institutions: Power and Constraints
Latinx Politics
Congressional Politics
US Public Policy
Presidential Politics
State and Local Government
b. International Relations: 2
The United States and Latin America
Russian Foreign Policy
Contemporary International Relations
International Political Economy
Middle Eastern Politics
U.S. Foreign Policy
Politics of the Holocaust and Genocide
Latin American Culture and Politics
European Politics
Culture and Politics of Asia
Russian Government and Politics
African Politics and Society
Energy and the Political Process
c. Applied Public Policy: 3
Women and Politics
Urban Politics
Public Opinion, Media and Politics
Energy and the Political Process
Latinx Politics
Environmental Politics and Policy
US Public Policy
Advanced Political Analysis
State and Local Government
Total Minimum Credits Required18

Students must complete their political science courses for the minor with an overall GPA of 2.0 in order to complete the program. Internship credits in political science (PSC 412) may not be used as credits toward the political science minor.