M.Ed. in Applied Studies in Teaching and Learning

College of Education and Social Work
Initial Courses
EDE 532Teaching-Learning: Theory to Practice (to be taken during first 15 hours of study)3
EDE 554The Reflective Teacher: Examining Cultural Paradigms in the Contemporary Classroom (to be taken during first 15 hours of study)3
Intermediate Courses
EDE 556Developmental Perspectives on Learning and Teaching3
EDF 583The American School As Social Narrative3
EDE 563Teachers as Leaders3
Area of Focused Inquiry
Students are to complete a 6-credit area of focused inquiry; students should confer with the assigned advisor to determine an appropriate and desirable area of focused inquiry. 16
Culminating Courses
EDE 571Educational Change: A Systemic View3
EDE 611Teacher as Classroom Researcher6
Total Minimum Credits Required30