Minor in Latin American and Latino/a Studies

College of Arts and Humanities
Required: Track I or Track II
TRACK I:18-24
Spanish or Portuguese Language 16
Choose one set of courses from the following;
Intermediate Spanish I
and Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish for Professional Development
& SPA 200-level course
Latin American Culture and/or Literature6
Choose two courses from the following:
Latin-American Culture and Civilization (In English)
Cultures of Spanish America
Latin America on Film (in English)
Latin America on Film (in Spanish)
Contemporary Latin American Narrative
Spanish-American Narrative
Speaking Spanish in the United States
Latinos in the U.S.
Latina Writing
Latina Writing
Politics & Economics Lit Of Modern Amer
Politics and Economics Lit of Modern Amer
Latino Literatures in the US
ESP 362
Other courses with approval from the LALS director
Electives 6
Choose two
Cuban Rumba: Cultural Identity
Latin Jazz Ensemble
Study Abroad in a Spanish or Portuguese-speaking country (up to 6 credits)
Course from Track II with approval of the LALS director
TRACK II:18-24
Spanish or Portuguese Language 16
Courses to 102 level
Latin American History12
Students may select no more than two (2) courses in any given area.
Native People of South America
Ethnology of Central America
Native People of the Andes
Archaeology of Central America
ANT 400-level topical course or thesis 2
Social Stratification 2
Topical Seminar in Sociology 2
Geography of Latin America
Senior Seminar In Geography 2
Social Work
Race Relations
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
History of Mexico
History of Brazil
HIS 400-level topical course or thesis 2
Political Science
International Relations
The United States and Latin America
Latin American Culture and Politics
Latinx Politics
PSC 400-level topical course or thesis 2
Study Abroad in Spanish or Portuguese-speaking country (up to 6 credits)
Course from Track I with approval of the LALS director

Courses must be selected (under advisement) from Latin American and/or Latino/a-oriented courses offered by the departments of Anthropology and Sociology, Geography and Planning, Political ScienceArt, Dance or others. 

A student should maintain a 2.5 average in area-studies courses to be recommended for graduate work in the area-studies concentration.

Additional information can be found on the LALS website.  

For advising, see Dr. Leon Arredondo in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology.