Global Awareness Pathway Certificate

Required Courses12
Students must select 12 credits from the following courses: 1
Discover the World on Film
Language and the Human Experience
Elementary German I
Modern Arabic I Elementary
Elementary Chinese I
Elementary French I (Traditional)
Elementary Italian I
Elementary Japanese I
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
Non-Western Art
Intensive Elementary Russian I-II
World Geography
Human Geography
Contemporary Global History
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
International Relations
Introduction to Global Studies
Elementary Spanish I
Total Minimum Credits Required12

Three of the four courses (9 of the 12 credits) a student takes towards the Pathway must also be approved as one of the following general education or additional baccalaureate requirement types:  Arts requirement, Behavioral & Social Science requirement, Humanities requirement, Science requirement, Interdisciplinary requirement, Diverse Communities requirement, Ethics requirement, Writing Emphasis requirement, or Speaking Emphasis requirement.

The three general education courses must have different prefixes.