Speaking Emphasis Requirement

Speaking Emphasis courses are designed to develop students’ oral/language-based communication skills in ways that are deemed important and desirable within a specific academic discipline or more generally across disciplines. The skills developed can range from performance-based speaker-audience interactions to one-on-one or group interactions based on the focus of the discipline. The emphasis of each course is to develop personal and professional advantages through the ability to put thoughts together and communicate effectively in a meaningful way.

Students must complete 9 credits of Speaking Emphasis coursework, 3 credits of which must be at the 300-400 level.

NOTE: A Speaking Emphasis designation may only transfer into WCU if the course from a student's prior institution has been submitted to and approved by the Speaking Emphasis Committee of the Curriculum and Academic Policies Council (CAPC). To receive credit for this type of course, students must submit a Course Substitution Request to the Office of the Special Assistant for Academic Policy.

All transfer students who enter with fewer than 40 college-level credits must complete 9 credits of Speaking Emphasis coursework. Transfer students who enter with 40-70 college-level credits, must take at least 6 credits of Speaking Emphasis coursework. Students who transfer more than 70 college-level credits must take at least 3 credits of Speaking Emphasis coursework at the 300-400 level.

Course List


MDC 308. Multimedia Performance. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to introduce the student to both the theory and practice of professional performance across multiple platforms, including social media, mediated public presentation sites, and interviewing.
Pre / Co requisites: MDC 308 requires prerequisites of MDC 250 and MDC 251, or instructor/department chair permission.
Gen Ed Attribute: Speaking Emphasis.
Distance education offering may be available.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring & Summer.


PSY 215. Liberation Psychology: Sustaining Community Change. 3 Credits.

This class will take a Liberation Psychology approach to examining the cross section of societal forces and our individual lives as "community change workers" such that we can sustain ourselves and those we might work with professionally and in the community. Students will be introduced to a toolkit of practices for sustaining their own resilience, well-being, and engagement in community change framed critically to combat oppression and internalized oppression (ranging from Cognitive Behavioral self-help tools to mindfulness, peer support to movement building, and more). We will gain in-depth practice in using active listening, reflection, and interpersonal communication as one way to process the effects of oppression. Students will also have opportunities to learn presentation skills, including final projects that will allow them to explore in more depth one or more of the strategies studied by formulating a model of sustaining self for the future, a model that aims to be aware of the critical perspectives on psychology and structural injustices studied in this course.
Pre / Co requisites: PSY 215 requires a prerequisite of RUX 110 or YES 250 or PSY 100 or PSY 120.
Gen Ed Attribute: Speaking Emphasis.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.
Cross listed courses PSY 215, RUX 215.


SPA 302. Advanced Spanish Grammar and Conversation II. 3 Credits.

Additional review and mastery of Spanish grammar, with special emphasis on sentence structures and stylistics, along with intensive interaction to develop proficiency in listening comprehension and speaking ability. SPA 302 can be taken simultaneously with SPA 301.
Pre / Co requisites: SPA 302 requires a prerequisite of SPA 202 or SPA 250.
Gen Ed Attribute: Speaking Emphasis.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring & Summer.


SPK 208. Public Speaking. 3 Credits.

Development of skills necessary to understand the theory of communication as a problem-solving tool in the community. Special emphasis is on the student's performance as a sender and receiver of messages directed at social action.
Gen Ed Attribute: Speaking Emphasis.
Distance education offering may be available.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring & Summer.

SPK 230. Business and Professional Speech Communication. 3 Credits.

LEC (3), LAB (0)
Practice in effective speaking and listening. Interpersonal communication in the business and professional setting, including reports and sales presentations, policy speeches, conference leadership techniques, group dynamics, and speaking.
Gen Ed Attribute: Speaking Emphasis.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring & Summer.