B.A. in Theatre - Performance Concentration

College of Arts and Humanities
Academic Foundations
First Year Experience requirement4
English Composition requirement6-7
Mathematics requirement3-4
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Ethics requirement3
Distributed Disciplinary Foundations
Science requirement6-8
Behavioral & Social Science requirement6
Humanities requirement6
Arts requirement3
University Requirements
Writing Emphasis requirement9
Speaking Emphasis requirement9
Degree Requirements
Language/Culture requirement0-15
Demonstrating language proficiency through the intermediate level (202) or demonstrating language proficiency through the elementary II (102) level of a language and further acquiring a cultural foundation.
Capstone requirement1-15
Required Courses
DAN 130Movement for Performance3
THA 100Theatre Survey1
THA 103Acting I3
THA 104Stagecraft3
THA 113Script Analysis3
THA 116Costume Construction3
THA 118Voice for the Performer3
THA 216Fundamentals of Design3
THA 301Directing I3
THA 306History of Theatre/Drama I3
THA 307History of Theatre/Drama II3
Select an advanced skill choice (300-level or above)3
THA 200Theatre Practicum 11-3
Students who have an interest in a specific area of theatre may choose to follow a prescribed course of study, in addition to the requirements outlined above. See concentration requirements below.20-21
Capstone Requirement
THA 300Career Preparation 22
Total Minimum Credits Required120

6 credits total of this one-credit course in the following areas: costume, lighting, scenery, leadership I, leadership II, capstone project


This course fulfills the Capstone requirement.

Performance Concentration

THA 203Acting II3
THA 250Race and Gender in American Theatre3
THA 303Acting Shakespeare3
THA 318Dialects for the Performer3
THA 323Physical Traditions in Performance3
THA 350Audition Techniques3
THA 406Advanced Scene Study3
Total Credits 21

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The following is a sample suggested course sequence for this program; course offerings and availability are not guaranteed. Students should consult their academic advisor with any questions.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
THA 100 Theatre Survey 1
THA 103 Acting I 3
THA 104
or Costume Construction
WRT 120
Effective Writing I
or Effective Writing with Supplemental Writing Workshop
FYE 100XFirst Year Experience 4
Foreign Language 101 3
Semester Two
THA 116
Costume Construction
or Stagecraft
THA 113 Script Analysis 3
THA 200 Theatre Practicum 1
DAN 130 Movement for Performance 3
WRT 2XX200-level WRT Course 3
Foreign Language 102 3
Year Two
Semester One
THA 118 Voice for the Performer 3
THA 200 Theatre Practicum 1
THA 306 History of Theatre/Drama I 3
MAT 1XXIntroduction to Mathematics 3
Foreign Language 201 or Culture Cluster I 3
Gen Ed Distributive Course I 3
Semester Two
THA 200 Theatre Practicum 1
THA 203 Acting II 3
THA 216 Fundamentals of Design 3
THA 307 History of Theatre/Drama II 3
Foreign Language 202 or Culture Cluster II 3
Gen Ed Distributive Course II 3
Year Three
Semester One
THA 200 Theatre Practicum 1
THA 301 Directing I 3
THA 3XXAdvanced Skills Course 3
Gen Ed Distributive Course III 3
Gen Ed Distributive Course IV 3
Diverse Communities, Interdisciplinary, or Arts Distributive 3
or Culture Cluster III
Semester Two
THA 200 Theatre Practicum 1
THA 318 Dialects for the Performer 3
THA 323 Physical Traditions in Performance 3
Gen Ed Distributive Course V 3
Diverse Communities, Interdisciplinary, or Arts Distributive 3
or Culture Cluster III
Free Elective 3
Year Four
Semester One
THA 300 Career Preparation 2
THA 303 Acting Shakespeare 3
THA 350 Audition Techniques 3
Drama Lit (THA 250 RECOMMENDED) 3
Diverse Communities, Interdisciplinary, or Arts Distributive 3
Semester Two
THA 200 Theatre Practicum 1
THA 406 Advanced Scene Study 3
Gen Ed Distributive Course VI 3
Gen Ed Distributive Course VII 3
Free Elective 3
 Total Credits124-125