Minor in American Sign Language

College of Arts and Humanities

Students must complete a minimum of six credits of advanced standing coursework in their minor.*

Required Courses 1
Required courses must be taken in the following sequence: 2
ASL 101/CSD 110Elementary American Sign Language I3
ASL 102/CSD 111Elementary American Sign Language II3
ASL 201/CSD 210Intermediate American Sign Language I3
ASL 202/CSD 211Intermediate American Sign Language II3
ASL 301Advanced American Sign Language I3
ASL 302Advanced American Sign Language II3
Total Minimum Credits Required18

In order to complete the ASL Minor, the following must be completed: 1. Six courses (18 credits) in ASL. 2. At least 50% of the ASL coursework must be taken at West Chester University. 3. In the first two courses of the ASL Minor (typically 100-level), students must achieve a minimum grade of B or better. A minimum grade of C is required for ASL courses above the 100-level.

Students will be required to complete all three levels of ASL unless they successfully take the ASL placement test and are approved for a higher competency level. In this case, culture or linguistic courses in the program will be approved as substitutions based on program coordinator approval.


All courses will be offered on a block schedule to ensure consistency in student progress and one starting point (fall semester), unless a student successfully completes the placement test for a higher course. The courses will be offered as follows:  fall semesters: ASL 101/CSD 110ASL 201ASL 301; spring semesters: ASL 102/CSD 111ASL 202, ASL 302.

*Advanced standing coursework is defined as any 300-level course or above and specific 200-level courses identified by the department.