Minor in Music Production

School of Music
Required Courses
This program is geared toward music majors as well as liberal arts students with an interest in music. To be enrolled, students must have the permission of both their major adviser and the School of Music.
MTC 110Making Music3
or MTC 112 Theory of Music I
MTC 271Scoring for Film and Media3
or MTC 171 Popular Music Songwriting
MTC 272Studio Production3
Any music course, selected under advisement, for which the student meets the prerequisite. It is recommended that students take both MTC 271 and MTC 272, using one as a required course and one as an elective. Other recommended electives may include History of Rock, other music history courses, and up to four semesters of vocal, keyboard, or instrumental lessons by permission of the Chair of Applied Music (Dr. Chris Hanning). If a student takes the maximum number of private lessons allowed at least one of the course numbers must be above the beginning level. It is recommended that students enroll in one additional 3-credit theory, history, or composition courses to satisfy this requirement. Recommended electives include:
MTC 171Popular Music Songwriting3
or MTC 271 Scoring for Film and Media
MTC 273Computer Music3
MTC 312Composition I3
MHL 325History of Rock3
PIA 191Piano Class (Minor)0.5
ASC 196Guitar Class0.5
AME 101Ensembles for Music Minor1
Total Minimum Credits Required18