Minor in Music Production

Wells School of Music

This program is geared toward music majors as well as any student with an interest in music production. 

Required Courses
MTC 110Making Music 13
or MTC 112 Theory of Music I
MTC 170Studio Production I3
MTC 271Scoring Film and Media 1,23
or MTC 275 Songwriting
Electives 9
Any music course, selected under advisement, for which the student meets the prerequisite. It is recommended that students take both MTC 275 and MTC 271, using one as a required course and one as an elective. Other recommended electives include:
Music Matters
Music and the Mind
Computer Music
Composition I
Music in Film
Perspectives in Jazz
Women in Music
History of Rock
Piano Class (Minor)
Guitar Class
Ensembles for Music Minor
Total Minimum Credits Required18