Final Exam Information

Final Exam Policy 

  1. Individual faculty members may not change published final examination times.
  2. No final examination may be given outside of the scheduled final examination time.
  3. Any course not having a final examination will meet as directed by the instructor during the scheduled examination time, for a continuation of the regular class work.
  4. Any student who has three or more final exams scheduled for the same day may, no later than one week prior to the final exam time, work with the individual instructors to arrange alternative exam times.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for each semester's final exam schedule.  

Exemption from Final Examinations

Students who have attained an A or B prior to the finals, have completed all other course requirements, and have the instructors' permission may waive final examinations. This privilege is subject to several reservations.

  1. Any unit examinations given during the final examination period are not subject to this policy.
  2. Academic departments, as well as individual faculty, may adopt a policy excluding the final examination exemption for certain courses.
  3. Mutual agreement between the instructor and the student to waive the final examination should be determined during the week prior to the beginning of the examination period.

The course grade will be the A or B earned exclusive of a final examination grade.