Graduate Certificate in Applied Mindfulness

College of Health Sciences

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Mindfulness is designed to offer professionals the training to achieve basic competence in the development
 and delivery of mindfulness-based programs in health care, mental healthcare, education, and other disciplines. The program of study will equip and encourage students to incorporate mindfulness practices into their personal and professional lives. In this 12-credit program, three core courses focus on developing a useful background in the science and theory of contemporary mindfulness-based interventions, and training the professional in the four essential skill sets required for applied mindfulness curriculum development, delivery, and refinement. As a capstone, a teaching practicum  provides opportunity for practice and integration of the essential concepts and skills to shape and integrate a committed professional identity and practice.

Required Core Courses
HEA 551Science and Theory of Applied Mindfulness3
HEA 552Applied Mindfulness I3
HEA 652Applied Mindfulness II3
Capstone Course
HEA 653Applied Mindfulness Practicum3
Total Minimum Credits Required12