B.S.Ed. in Middle Grades Preparation Grades 4-8

College of Education and Social Work
General Education Requirements
English Composition requirements6
Mathematics requirement3
Public Speaking requirement3
Science Requirements6
Fulfilled by required science content
Behavioral & Social Science requirements6
Humanities requirements6
LIT 220 must be one of the Humanities courses
Arts requirement3
Diverse Communities requirement3
Interdisciplinary requirement3
Student Electives9
Nine credits of general education electives are required for graduation. Students wishing to graduate earning 123 credits and be eligible for grades 4-8 certification must utilize their electives to complete their chosen area(s) of concentration.
Writing Emphasis requirements9
Major Requirements
EDP 200Middle Grades Cognition3
EDP 201Young Adolescent/Adolescent Development and Learning Theories3
EDA 103Foundations of Special Education3
MGP 220Field Experience: Middle Level Environment3
EDR 345Literacy Development and Students in Inclusive Classrooms3
MGP 335Teaching Social Studies in Middle Grades3
SCE 330Science Methods for Middle Level (4-8)3
EDA 303Special Ed: Processes/Procedures for General Educators2
EDM 349Technology Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning1
EDP 354Assessment for Learning: Middle Grades3
MGP 410Student Teaching6
MGP 411Student Teaching6
Related/Cognate Requirements
Students wishing to obtain certification to teach in grades 4–8 must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of related course work in each of four academic content areas: mathematics, reading/language arts, science, and social studies. Students must complete a total of 30 credits of concentrated course work in one of the four areas or 21 credits of concentrated course work in two of the four areas. Students choosing two, 21-credit concentrations must include math or science as one of the two areas. Related credits are applied toward the concentrations. See the department’s degree guidance sheet for courses in the 21- and 30-credit options. Students are encouraged to choose their concentration(s) based on their area(s) of interest for teaching grades 7 and 8.
MAT 101Mathematics for Teachers of Children I3
MAT 102Mathematics for Teachers of Children II3
MAT 351Methods for Teaching Children Math3
MAT 353Methods for Teaching Middle School Mathematics 13
or MAT 352 Methods for Teaching Children Mathematics II
Reading/Language Arts
EDR 306Teaching Language Arts 4-83
EDR 308Foundations in Reading 4-83
EDR 318Reading Instruction and Practicum 4-86
Students must complete 3 courses from the listing below: Students concentrating in science should consult with their advisor regarding courses to select for access to upper level science courses.
ESS 101Introduction to Geology3
BIO 110General Biology3
or BIO 100 Basic Biological Science
CHE 107 & CRL 1074
or CHE 103 & CRL 1034
PHY 130General Physics I4
SCI 101The Carbon Cycle 23
or SCI 102 Electricity With Physical And Bio Applic
Social Studies
GEO 101World Geography3
HIS 344History of Pennsylvania3
HIS 150The American Experience 33
or HIS 151 History of the United States I
PSC 100U.S. Government and Politics3
Total Minimum Credits Required123

To track their individual degree progress, students are advised to access their Degree Progress Report (DPR) via myWCU regularly. For more information, visit wcupa.edu/DegreeProgressReport.

The following is a suggested course sequence for this program; course offerings and availability are not guaranteed. Students should consult their academic advisor with any questions.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
WRT 120 Effective Writing I 3
EDP 200 Middle Grades Cognition 3
MAT 101 Mathematics for Teachers of Children I 3
GEO 101 World Geography 3
ESS 102 Humans and the Environment 3
Semester Two
WRT 200 Critical Writing and Research 3
EDP 201 Young Adolescent/Adolescent Development and Learning Theories 3
MAT 102 Mathematics for Teachers of Children II 3
PSC 100 U.S. Government and Politics 3
LIT 219 Literature for Young Children 3
SCI 101 The Carbon Cycle 3
Year Two
Semester Three
MGP 220 Field Experience: Middle Level Environment 3
HIS 150 The American Experience 3
ESS 101 Introduction to Geology 3
EDR 306 Teaching Language Arts 4-8 3
EDR 308 Foundations in Reading 4-8 3
Concentration Class 3
Semester Four
SPK 208 Public Speaking 3
BIO 100 Basic Biological Science 3
HIS 344 History of Pennsylvania 3
EDA 103 Foundations of Special Education 3
Concentration Class 3
Year Three
Semester Five
EDR 345 Literacy Development and Students in Inclusive Classrooms 3
LAN 382 Teaching English Language Learners PK-12 3
Arts Gen Ed 3
Concentration Class 3
Concentration Class 3
Semester Six
EDA 303
Special Ed: Processes/Procedures for General Educators
or Technology Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning
MAT 351 Methods for Teaching Children Math 3
SCE 330 Science Methods for Middle Level (4-8) 3
Concentration Class 3
Concentration Class 3
Year Four
Semester Seven
MGP 335 Teaching Social Studies in Middle Grades 3
EDR 318 Reading Instruction and Practicum 4-8 6
EDP 354 Assessment for Learning: Middle Grades 3
MAT 352
Methods for Teaching Children Mathematics II
or Methods for Teaching Middle School Mathematics
Semester Eight
MGP 410 Student Teaching 6
MGP 411 Student Teaching 6
 Total Credits122