Minor in Linguistics

College of Arts and Humanities
Required Courses
ENG/LIN 230Introduction to Linguistics3
ENG 331Structure of Modern English (or any other approved alternative to ENG 331)3
Select four courses from the following:12
Alternative courses not shown in this list may be chosen, provided that they are approved by the program coordinator.
Language, Thought & Behavior
Nonverbal Communication
Health Communication
Foundations of Computer Science
Programming Language Concepts/Paradigms
Artificial Intelligence
Speech and Hearing Science
Introduction to Phonetics
History of the English Language
Dialects of American English
Sociolinguistic Aspects of English
Phonetics and Advance Oral French
Introduction to Linguistics for Language
Teaching English Language Learners PK-12
Teaching of Modern Languages: K - 12
Internship in Foreign Languages
Language Communities in the US and Canada
Introduction to Meaning
Symbolic Logic
Spanish Phonetics
The following courses are eligible for use as electives but are less frequently taught:
Old English Language and Literature
Seminar Linguistics
Middle English Language and Literature
Study of Bilingualism: An Introduction
Introduction to the Study of Language: Spanish
History of the Spanish Language
Total Credits18

For course descriptions, see Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD), Communication and Media (COM), Computer Science (CSC), English (ENG or LIT), Languages and Cultures (LAN, LIN, FRE, GER, RUS, or SPA), or Philosophy (PHI).