M.M. in Performance - Vocal Concentration

Wells School of Music
Major Requirements 1
Music History course 500 level or higher 23
Music Theory course 500 level or higher 33
VOK 541Graduate Applied Performance Lesson3
VOK 542Graduate Applied Performance Lesson3
VOK 543Graduate Applied Performance Lesson3
Concentration Requirements 4
VOC 524Musico-Dramatic Productions3
Select 4-6 credits from the following:4-6
Master Class Voice: Baroque Period
Master Class Voice: German Lied
Master Class Voice: French Melodie
Master Class Voice: 20th Century Art Song
French-German Diction
Choral Literature
Vocal Literature
Vocal Pedagogy
History of Opera
Supportive Electives 500 level or higher. 44-6
VOI 697Recital2
Comprehensive Exit Exam 5
Total Minimum Credits Required30

Students must take a required Diction Placement and Vocal Pedagogy Exams prior to the start of the degree testing the student’s basic knowledge of foreign language pronunciation in Latin, Italian, German, French, and English (for non-native English speakers) and earn a score of 70% in each required category. Students who receive scores below the required percentage must take a course in that language diction. If it is determined that any student requires further instruction in vocal pedagogy, they will, through advisement, be directed to take VOC 591 (Vocal Pedagogy) and/or individual private voice lessons. 


If the student fails the Graduate Music History Assessment Test, they must take MHL 501 prior to satisfying this requirement.


If the student fails the Graduate Music Theory Assessment Test, they must take MTC 591 prior to satisfying this requirement. 


Selected under advisement.  


Completion of a comprehensive exit examination is required.

To track their individual degree progress, students are advised to access their Degree Progress Report (DPR) via my WCU and consult their Graduate Coordinator.  For more information, visit wcupa.edu/DegreeProgressReport.

The following is a sample suggested course sequence for this program; course offerings and availability are not guaranteed. Students should consult their academic advisor with any questions.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
Semester OneCredits
VOK 541 Graduate Applied Performance Lesson 3
MHL or MTC 500 Level or HigherMusic History or Music Theory 3
Semester Two
VOK 542 Graduate Applied Performance Lesson 3
MHL or MTC 500 Level or HigherMusic History or Music Theory 3
Concentration Requirements 2-3
Year Two
Semester One
VOK 543 Graduate Applied Performance Lesson 3
Concentration Requirements 2-3
Supportive Electives 2-3
Semester Two
VOC 524 Musico-Dramatic Productions 3
VOI 697 Recital 2
Supportive Electives 2-3
Comprehensive Exit Exam  
 Total Credits28-32