Graduate Certification in Transformative Principalship

College of Education and Social Work
Required Content Courses
EDL 510Strategic and Cultural Leadership: WCU Transformative Principalship3
EDF 511Foundations of Transformative Education3
EDL 512Leadership for Learning: WCU Transformative Principalship3
EDL 513Professional and Community Leadership: WCU Transformative Principalship3
EDF 515Legal & Financial Issues in Education3
Required Internship
EDL 514The Principal Field Supervision: WCU Transformative Principalship 13
Total Minimum Credits Required21

Students will take this course two consecutive semesters (Fall and Spring) for three credits each semester, earning a total of 6 credits for the supervision. Field hours will begin the summer before at the WCU Transformative Principal Certification Program Orientation to meet the required 360 hours of field work to be completed over the course of a calendar year (to meet the PDE principal certification requirements).