Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

College of Education and Social Work

The Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is an interdisciplinary program designed to serve individuals who are now employed or anticipate working in the field of aging. Students will broaden their formal and practical knowledge of the older adult, their families and caregivers. The certificate program provides students with documentation of their academic training in the field.

Required Courses
NSG 554APN Adult Health/Gero Theories of Normal Aging3
or SWG 571 Social Work With Older Adults
SWG 580Social Work in End of Life Care3
Select 2 of the following:
APN Adult Health/Gero Health Illness Transitions
Nutrition & Health in Aging
Exercise and Older Adults
Global Community Health Promotion
Field Practicum Experience at Approved Aging Services Site (maximum 3 cr.) 1
Total Credits Required 12