Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) - Clinical Nurse Leader Track

College of Health Sciences
Required Courses
NSG 530Nursing Theories & Issues3
NSG 531Healthcare Policy, Leadership & Organization3
NSG 532Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing3
NSG 533Physical Assessment for APNs4
NSG 534Pharmacology for APN3
NSG 535Population-based Health Promotion3
NSG 536Evidence-Based Practice Research3
NSG 537Bioethical Decision Making in Health Care3
NSG 561Immersion as a Clinical Nurse Leader I3
NSG 562Immersion as a Clinical Nurse Leader II3
NSG 563Immersion as a Clinical Nurse Leader III3
Students within this program must provide evidence of a completed Bachelor’s degree and achieved or matriculated education for RN licensure.
Total Minimum Credits Required34


To track their individual degree progress, students are advised to access their Degree Progress Report (DPR) via my WCU and consult their Graduate Coordinator.  For more information, visit

The following is a sample suggested course sequence for this program; course offerings and availability are not guaranteed. Students should consult their academic advisor with any questions.

Plan of Study Grid
Year One
NSG 530 Nursing Theories & Issues 3
NSG 532 Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing 3
NSG 533 Physical Assessment for APNs 4
NSG 531 Healthcare Policy, Leadership & Organization 3
NSG 534 Pharmacology for APN 3
Year Two
NSG 535 Population-based Health Promotion 3
NSG 536 Evidence-Based Practice Research 3
NSG 537 Bioethical Decision Making in Health Care 3
Year Three
NSG 561 Immersion as a Clinical Nurse Leader I 3
NSG 562 Immersion as a Clinical Nurse Leader II 3
NSG 563 Immersion as a Clinical Nurse Leader III 3
 Total Credits34