Minor in Media and Culture

College of Arts and Humanities
Core 1
MDC 250Intercultural Communication3
MDC 251Media Technology3
Choose one of the following courses:
Media Writing
Media Literacy
Media & Culture Theory
Mass Communication Research Methods
Minor Concentrations9
Select 9 credits from the courses listed below. At least two courses must be from one of the concentrations. 2
Culture Concentration
Games Culture and Theory
Mediated Communication: The Internet, Culture, and Society
Culture and Organizations
Advanced Intercultural Communication
African American Culture and Communication
Mass Media & Social Protest
Consulting for Careers in Media and Culture
Intercultural Communication Training
Special Topics Seminar in Culture
Production Concentration
Digital Media
Introduction to Web Design
The Philadelphia Media Experience
Introduction to Video Production
Multimedia Performance
Advanced Video Production
Communication on Television and Radio
Special Topics Seminar in Production
Honors Seminar: Global Issues
Strategic Communication Concentration
Communication Professions in Sports
Search Engine Optimization Management
Media Audiences
Strategic Social Media
Introduction to Public Relations
Event Production Using Media
Content Strategy
Media Campaigns
Public Relations Management
Communication and Advertising
Special Topics Seminar in Strategic Communication
Total Minimum Credits Required18