Minor in Business and Technical Writing

College of Arts and Humanities
Select one of the following:
Critical Writing and Research
Critical Writing: Approaches to Pop Culture
Critical Writing: Investigating Experience
Critical Writing: Multidisciplinary Imagination
Critical Writing: Entering Public Sphere
Critical Writing: Special Topics
Required Courses
ENG 320Writing and Computers3
ENG 368Business and Organizational Writing3
ENG 371Technical Writing3
ENG 375Strategies for Writing in the Workplace3
Elective Courses
Select one of the following:3
Digital Media
Computer Science I (or higher)
Book History: Introduction
Introduction to Management Information Systems
Business and Professional Speech Communication
or other elective approved by the program director for the minor
ENG 395Internship (An additional three semester hours are to be earned through a supervised internship in business or technical writing)3-12
Total Credits18-27