Honors Seminar Certificate

University College

The Honors Seminar Certificate program affords all benefits of full Honors College membership.  

Required Courses 112
Complete a minimum of 12 credits of Honors coursework at the 320-level or above (excluding HON 490). Choose from:
HON 320Honors Seminar: Global Issues3
HON 322Developing Leadership with ELLs in the Classroom & Community3
HON 340Pathways to Professional Leadership0.5-1
HON 351Honors Seminar3
HON 352Honors Seminar3
HON 353A Nobel Idea: The Norway Experience for Promoting Peace and Developing Leaders3
HON 355Environmental Stewardship3
HON 381Symposium in the Arts and Humanities3
HON 382Symposium in Social and Behavioral Science3
HON 383Symposium in the Sciences3
HON 451Honors Seminar3
HON 452Honors Seminar3
HON 480Senior Project3