Linguistics (LIN)

College of Arts and Humanities

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LIN 501. Introduction to Linguistics. 3 Credits.

Analysis and characterization of what humans know when they know a language, including knowledge of the sound, word formation, sentence structure, meaning, and pragmatic systems. Development of tools and skills for describing and analyzing language. Application of linguistic principles to such cross-disciplinary studies of language as sociolinguistics, language classification, and language acquisition.
Typically offered in Fall.

LIN 540. Sociolinguistics. 3 Credits.

The study of language in its social context: the ethnography of communication; language and society, social classes, ethnic groups, politics, sex, and education.
Pre / Co requisites: LIN 540 requires prerequisite of LIN 501.
Distance education offering may be available.
Typically offered in Fall.

LIN 590. Independent Study. 1-3 Credits.

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