SCE: Earth and Space Science Education

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

How to Read Course Descriptions

SCE 520. PK-4 Science Instruction. 3 Credits.

A science methods course for Pre-K teachers and administrators to master classroom and materials preparation and the design of developmentally effective instruction and assessment. Methods that promote children's ability to inquire and master PA academic standards in science and technology and environment and ecology will be addressed.
Pre / Co requisites: SCE 520 requires completion of science and math requirements.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

SCE 530. Science Methods for Middle Level. 3 Credits.

A course to prepare the middle level teachers for teaching science with a focus on the developmental and pedagogical needs of middle level students. Teacher candidates will apply science content , develop knowledge on how students learn science, explore materials and resources, and learn how to plan and access effective standards based on middle level science instruction.
Pre / Co requisites: SCE 530 requires prerequisite MGP 520 and completion of science and math program requirements.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.