WOS: Women's & Gender Studies

College of Arts and Humanities

How to Read Course Descriptions

WOS 502. Special Topics. 3 Credits.

Graduate-level, in-depth study of selected topics in woman's and gender studies.
Pre / Co requisites: WOS 502 requires students to be graduate standing or enrolled in an accelerated program.
Typically offered in Fall.
Repeatable for Credit.

WOS 568. Violence, Systems & Resistance. 3 Credits.

This course will teach students how to recognize, understand, and resist three primary forms of power-based violence that are interrelated: 1) those perpetrated by individuals, e.g. sexual assault, partner violence, mass shootings; 2) those perpetrated by hate groups, e.g. lynching, bombing, violence against trans and non-binary people; and 3) those perpetrated by the state, e.g. war, police violence. Students will study multiple forms of violence to understand the root causes and dynamics of violence (how it happens), the effects on people, families, and communities (what is the cost); and personal, community, and national resistance methodologies (what they can do about it).
Typically offered in Fall.
Cross listed courses SOC 368, WOS 368, WOS 568.