AJZ: Jazz

Wells School of Music

How to Read Course Descriptions

AJZ 199. Transfer Credits. 1-15 Credits.

Transfer Credits.
Repeatable for Credit.

AJZ 331. Electronic Instruments. 2 Credits.

A study of the MIDI implementation of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, signal processors, and rhythm processors as related to real-time performance.

AJZ 361. Jazz Musicianship and Improvisation I. 3 Credits.

A basic course in jazz improvisation that emphasizes the learning and discovery of improvisational techniques through playing and listening.
Typically offered in Spring.
Repeatable for Credit.

AJZ 362. Jazz Musicianship and Improvisation II. 3 Credits.

A continuation of AJZ 361.
Typically offered in Spring.
Repeatable for Credit.

AJZ 365. Jazz Ensemble Techniques. 0.5 Credits.

Techniques and methods for organizing, rehearsing, programming, and operating jazz ensembles.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.