Arabic (ARB)

College of Arts and Humanities

How to Read Course Descriptions

ARB 101. Modern Arabic I Elementary. 3 Credits.

Introduction to basic written and spoken Arabic language and culture; fundamentals of grammar and oral practice.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

ARB 102. Modern Arabic II. 3 Credits.

This course is the continuation of spoken and written Arabic for students who have completed the equivalent of ARB 101.
Pre / Co requisites: ARB 102 requires a prerequisite of ARB 101.
Typically offered in Spring.

ARB 103. Intensive Elementary Arabic. 6 Credits.

This course is an intensive introduction to modern standard Arabic, with emphasis on speaking, writing, and reading. Equivalent to Arabic 101 and 102 combined.

ARB 199. Transfer Credits. 1-10 Credits.

Transfer Credits.
Repeatable for Credit.

ARB 201. Modern Arabic III. 3 Credits.

This course is a continuation of ARB 102 to further develop the four language skills and comprehend key aspects of the Arabic speaking world.
Pre / Co requisites: ARB 201 requires a prerequisite of ARB 102.
Typically offered in Fall.

ARB 202. Modern Arabic IV. 3 Credits.

This course is a continuation of practice in comprehending spoken and written Arabic for practical application.
Pre / Co requisites: ARB 202 requires a prerequisite of ARB 201.
Typically offered in Spring.

ARB 205. Intensive Intermediate Arabic. 6 Credits.

This course is to enhance students' ability to read, discuss, and write on various contemporary topics. This course is equivalent to the competency level achieved in ARB 201 and 202.
Pre / Co requisites: ARB 205 requires a prerequisite of ARB 102.
Typically offered in Summer.

ARB 301. Advanced Modern Standard Arabic I. 3 Credits.

An advanced course in Arabic language. It emphasizes a skill-building approach that covers the essentials of listening, speaking, reading, writing, structure, and understanding, and analyzes cultural patterns reflected in language use of speakers of Arabic.
Pre / Co requisites: ARB 301 requires prerequisite ARB 202.
Typically offered in Fall.

ARB 302. Advanced Modern Standard Arabic II. 3 Credits.

This course builds on ARB 301 in that it emphasizes reading and writing skills. It also focuses on helping students acquire content to express critical thinking skills using Arabic.
Pre / Co requisites: ARB 302 requires prerequisite ARB 301.
Typically offered in Spring.

ARB 420. Topics in Arabic Language Literature and Culture. 1-6 Credits.

This course offers students the opportunity to expand on concepts taught in previous courses by offering a topics-based focus to further students skills in the domains of Arabic language, literature, and culture.
Pre / Co requisites: ARB 420 requires a prerequisite of ARB 301 or ARB 302.
Distance education offering may be available.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter.
Repeatable for Credit.