International Business (INB)

College of Business and Public Management

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INB 199. Transfer Credits. 1-10 Credits.

Transfer Credits.
Repeatable for Credit.

INB 300. Introduction to International Business. 3 Credits.

Analysis of international business transactions in large and small businesses, multinational and domestic. Functional emphasis on multinational environment, managerial processes, and business strategies.
Pre / Co requisites: INB 300 requires prerequisites of MGT 200 and a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA.
Distance education offering may be available.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

INB 403. International Accounting. 3 Credits.

Deal with accounting problems which are peculiar to international or multinational businesses. The financial reporting requirements for foreign income and investments of the FASB and SEC will be analyzed as they affect depreciation, foreign exchange, and statements of income and expenses.

INB 469. International Management Seminar. 3 Credits.

Study of issues confronting executives as they plan, organize, staff, and control a multinational organization. Lectures, case analyses, and outside projects with local firms engaged in, or entering, international business will be utilized.
Pre / Co requisites: INB 469 requires prerequisites of INB 300 and MGT 200 and minimum 2.50 CUM GPA.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.