LAT: Latin

College of Arts and Humanities

How to Read Course Descriptions

LAT 101. Elementary Latin I. 3 Credits.

Forms, syntax, and idioms of classical Latin. Selected readings.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

LAT 102. Elementary Latin II. 3 Credits.

Forms, syntax, and idioms of classical Latin. Selected readings.
Pre / Co requisites: LAT 102 requires a prerequisite of LAT 101.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

LAT 199. Transfer Credits. 1-10 Credits.

Transfer Credits.
Repeatable for Credit.

LAT 201. Cicero. 3 Credits.

Selections from the orations, letters, and essays.
Pre / Co requisites: LAT 201 requires a prerequisite of LAT 101 and LAT 102.
Typically offered in Spring.

LAT 202. Vergil. 3 Credits.

Reading and analysis of celebrated portions of the Aeneid. The nature of Latin epic poetry.
Pre / Co requisites: LAT 202 requires a prerequisite of LAT 201.
Typically offered in Fall.

LAT 302. The Latin Lyric Poets. 3 Credits.

Latin lyric poetry through readings in Catullus, Carmina, Horace's Odes and Epodes. Practice in the composition of lyric poetry.
Pre / Co requisites: LAT 302 requires prerequisite of LAT 202.

LAT 305. Reading Course in Latin. 3 Credits.

Open to Latin majors only. Area and content to be determined by the student's needs.
Pre / Co requisites: LAT 305 requires prerequisite of LAT 202.
Repeatable for Credit.

LAT 405. Medieval Latin. 3 Credits.

Prose and poetry from the fourth to the 17th centuries.
Pre / Co requisites: LAT 405 requires prerequisite of LAT 202.

LAT 406. Latin Tutorial Course. 3 Credits.

Required of majors in Latin or Classics; open to other students accepted by the instructor. Introduction to the history of the alphabet; principles of historical and comparative linguistics, especially as applied to Greek and Latin; and history of the Latin language as seen in ancient authors and inscriptions.
Pre / Co requisites: LAT 406 requires a prerequisite of LAT 202.

LAT 410. Independent Studies in Language and Literature. 3 Credits.

Special topics for advanced students only.
Pre / Co requisites: LAT 410 requires a prerequisite of LAT 202.
Consent: Permission of the Department required to add.
Repeatable for Credit.