Linguistics (LIN)

College of Arts and Humanities

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LIN 130. The World's Languages. 3 Credits.

Language diversity is a central part of the human experience. How many languages are there in the world, where are they spoken, and where do they come from? Why are some languages very similar, while others are very different? Why have some languages disappeared, while other languages are thriving? This course presents a general survey of language diversity in the world from the perspectives of language structure, language use, and language history. The core of the semester consists of a panoramic view of the world's main language families and the main languages in each of them. Other topics covered include: the origin of language among humans; language fragmentation and the birth of languages; language families; language contact; language endangerment and death; the main writing systems; and the meaning of bilingualism and multilingualism.
Gen Ed Attribute: Humanities Distributive Requirement.
Distance education offering may be available.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

LIN 211. Language Communities in the US and Canada. 3 Credits.

Exploration and analysis of how aspects of language usage (dialect, "accent," bilingualism) relate to language-based discrimination in the U.S. and Canada generally. Emphasis is on bias, discrimination, and profiling based on race, class, gender, religious affiliation, and ethnicity. Examples will be drawn from mainstream media, including popular film and television.
Gen Ed Attribute: Diversity Requirement.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

LIN 230. Introduction to Linguistics. 3 Credits.

Basic concepts of language description, classification, change, reconstruction, dialectology, and sociolinguistics.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring & Summer.
Cross listed courses ENG 230, LIN 230.

LIN 380. Language and Culture. 3 Credits.

Language as an aspect of culture, using linguistic-perceptual-cognitive categories; social and psychological aspects of language.
Pre / Co requisites: LIN 380 requires prerequisite of LIN 230 and LAN 327.

LIN 411. Seminar Linguistics. 3 Credits.

Specialized studies in linguistics. Topics announced annually.
Pre / Co requisites: LIN 411 requires prerequisite of LIN 230 or LAN 327.
Repeatable for Credit.