Science (SCI)

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

How to Read Course Descriptions

SCI 101. The Carbon Cycle. 3 Credits.

An exploration of how the carbon cycle connects earth and life, through photosynthesis, respiration, decay, rock formation and weathering, and plate tectonics. Humans have altered the carbon cycle by burning fossil fuels. Students investigate the carbon cycle on the WCU campus and consider the implications for global warming. Team taught with the Department of Biology.
Pre / Co requisites: SCI 101 requirement - Education majors only.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.

SCI 102. Electricity with Physical and Biological Applications. 3 Credits.

An exploration of the physics of electrical circuits, the chemical basis of electricity as the flow of electrons, acid-base and oxidation-reduction reactions in chemical and in living systems, the electrical activity in the human nervous system, and connections between electricity and sensation and locomotion in humans.
Pre / Co requisites: SCI 102 requires that students be Education majors only.
Gen Ed Attribute: Science Distributive Requirement.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.