SLP: Speech-Language Pathology

College of Health Sciences

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SLP 456. Interprofessional Simulation. 3 Credits.

The primary objective of this course is to examine the interrelationship of various healthcare professions through simulation activities. In this course, students will examine the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to establish effective teamwork across healthcare disciplines. Teamwork has been found to be one of the key initiatives within patient safety that can transform the culture of healthcare delivery. Patient safety requires effective communication and other teamwork skills to deliver quality healthcare and to prevent medical errors, patient injury, and harm. To address this, health sciences students will explore a team-based, interdisciplinary, integrative approach to healthcare delivery through online self-study, simulation, debriefing, and self-reflection. Speaking emphasis skills will be assessed during performance of case presentations in simulations and analytical oral interpretations of the performance in debriefing. Students will examine strategies that enhance collaboration, communication, and patient safety, leading to integration of various perspectives into a unified framework of healthcare delivery.
Pre / Co requisites: SLP 456 requires completion of 60 credits in the Communication Sciences and Disorders, Nursing, or Nutrition major.
Gen Ed Attribute: Interdisciplinary Requirement, Speaking Emphasis.
Distance education offering may be available.
Typically offered in Summer.
Cross listed courses NSG 456, NTD 456, SLP 456.