PA Writing Project (PWP)

College of Arts and Humanities

How to Read Course Descriptions

PWP 501. Workshop: The Writing Process. 1 Credit.

A practical introduction to the writing process approach to teaching writing.
Typically offered in Fall & Spring.
Repeatable for Credit.

PWP 502. Strategies for Teaching Writing. 2-3 Credits.

This basic course is designed to familiarize teachers with successful practices and related research and theory in the field.
Repeatable for Credit.

PWP 503. Strategies for Teaching Writing II. 3 Credits.

Practical and research-based skills of prewriting, writing conferences, revision, editing, and evaluation.
Repeatable for Credit.

PWP 508. Workshop: Computers and Writing (Level III). 3 Credits.

This course explores all the technological approaches to writing instruction, including a combination of classroom instruction and on-line hours. Participants actually take parts of this course on-line so they can experience this mode of learning themes.
Repeatable for Credit.

PWP 510. Writing, Reading, Talking Across Curriculum. 3 Credits.

Rationale and strategies for critical language experiences in all subjects. Supports PCRP2 state curriculum framework.

PWP 511. Writing Assessment. 3 Credits.

Large-scale and classroom writing assessment; implications for writing instruction.

PWP 520. Teaching Literature. 3 Credits.

Focus on instructional practices that reflect current theories and approaches to classroom use of literature, K-12.
Repeatable for Credit.

PWP 521. Seminar in Teaching Literature. 3 Credits.

Intensive study to develop advanced skills in teaching literature.
Repeatable for Credit.

PWP 597. Seminar for Master Teachers. 6 Credits.

Participants develop advanced skills in the teaching of writing, receive training as in-service teacher/consultants, and develop relationships with other writing teachers who seek to improve their teaching and writing.
Consent: Permission of the Department required to add.
Typically offered in Summer.
Repeatable for Credit.

PWP 599. Pennsylvania Writing Project Workshop. 1-6 Credits.

Topic varies. Each workshop will focus on specific issues and problems in the teaching of writing or literature and will introduce appropriate instructional materials and techniques.
Repeatable for Credit.