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222 Lawrence Center
Liberal Studies Program
Professional Studies Program
Ann Lieberman Colgan, Director

The Liberal Studies programs offer student-designed, interdisciplinary majors that provide an alternative to traditional baccalaureate degrees in specific academic areas.

The Liberal Studies - Arts and Humanities and Liberal Studies - Science and Mathematics majors are intended to broaden the student's intellectual understanding and professional skills through a well-rounded, yet flexible degree program that combines courses in the areas of science, humanities, behavioral science, and the arts. The result is a curriculum that is suited to the individual student's personal academic and career goals.

The Professional Studies major is an interdisciplinary program that enables and encourages students to explore connections and relationships that exist between different areas of study and to pursue their own unique interests. The program affords students the capability to create an individualized academic program of study that will prepare them for a wide variety of future educational and/or career opportunities.

After completing at least 30 credits, and after achieving a minimum GPA of 2.00, the student may request an interview with the director of the appropriate program for the purpose of planning a curriculum in one of the available tracks. Students may enter the Liberal Studies program from other majors of the University, or as transfers from other colleges, by the same process and by meeting the same requirements. It is University policy that no student, whether currently enrolled at West Chester or attempting to be admitted from another university, is permitted to enroll in the liberal studies arts and sciences, and science and mathematics programs after earning 80 credits. There is no limit on semester hours for students entering the professional studies track.

Three separate baccalaureate programs are available. The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies - Arts and Humanities is designed for students interested in a well-rounded education emphasizing courses in the liberal arts. The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies - Science and Mathematics allows students to pursue courses in four different scientific disciplines, while also incorporating liberal arts courses to create a broad curriculum. The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies - Professional Studies provides students the opportunity to design an individualized, career-centered curriculum that may not be otherwise available at the University. The course of study includes the student's selection of two academic minors, one of which must be from a select list of professionally-oriented minors, most of which come from the Colleges of Business and Public Management, Education and Social Work, and Health Sciences.

A Minor in Youth Empowerment and Urban Studies also is available. See the curriculum listed under the College of Arts and Humanities

All undergraduate students are held to the academic policies and procedures outlined in the undergraduate catalog.  Students are encouraged to review departmental handbooks for program tips, suggested course sequences, and explanations of procedures. When applicable, additional policies for specific department programs may be listed below.

Advising Policy

All Liberal Studies students must meet with their major advisor at least one time per semester to review their academic progress and plans.

Admission Policy

Students may elect to enroll in Liberal Studies upon matriculation at WCU or may transfer into the programs. 

Associate Professor

Ann Lieberman-Colgan (2007)

Director, Liberal Studies Program

Director, Professional Studies Program

B.A., West Chester University of Pennsylvania; M.Ed., River College; Ed.D., Gratz College


I. Bruce Norris (1986)

B.S., West Chester University; M.A., University of Maryland


LST 490. Senior Thesis. 3-6 Credits.

Directed research in an interdisciplinary subject of the arts and sciences. For students in the bachelor of arts tracks.
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