EDO: Environmental Education

College of Education and Social Work

How to Read Course Descriptions

EDO 500. Environmental & Sustainability Education. 3 Credits.

Advanced overview of the development of environmental and sustainability education with emphasis on theoretical perspectives and professional applications.

EDO 510. Systems and Sustainability. 3 Credits.

Examination of how systems thinking applies to learning for sustainability in schools and other institutions. Topics include curriculum, grounds, facilities, and missions.

EDO 520. Outdoor and Place-Based Education. 3 Credits.

School and organization-based applications of outdoor and place-based education, with emphases on experiential and authentic learning.

EDO 525. Independent Studies in Environment Educ. 3 Credits.

Special research projects, reports, and readings in conservation and outdoor education.
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EDO 550. Education for Sustainability: Methods & Projects. 3 Credits.

Methods for integrating education for sustainability into schools and non-formal settings, using authentic projects to demonstrate and apply learning.

EDO 555. The Sustainable Campus. 3 Credits.

This course will provide future student affairs educators and higher education practitioners with an overview on sustainability as it relates to college and university campuses. Students will examine topics such as campus ecology, and environmental, human and economic sustainability. Student will learn how to develop and implement programs, plans and policies to create a more sustainable campus now and for the future.
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Typically offered in Fall.

EDO 598. Workshop In Environmental Education. 3 Credits.

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