Deaf Studies (DST)

College of Health Sciences

How to Read Course Descriptions

DST 255. Introduction to Deaf Studies. 3 Credits.

This course introduces students to topics central to the Deaf and Deaf community, including etiology and prevalence, diagnosis, service delivery systems, medical advances, communication, education, literature, history and media. Utilizing readings, lectures, and group discussion, students will learn about the anatomy and causes of deafness, medical, therapeutic and vocational interventions, early intervention and education of deaf children, communication strategies and their effectiveness, Deaf/Hearing relationships, and Deaf literature and media. Upon course completion, students will understand deaf individuals and their community in a holistic perspective and apply this knowledge toward their future studies into Deaf culture and ASL.
Pre / Co requisites: DST 255 requires prerequisites of (ASL 110 or CSD 110) and (ASL 111 or CSD 111).
Typically offered in Fall.

DST 355. Deaf History. 3 Credits.

The deaf experience is similar in many ways to the experience of many oppressed populations. Unique to the deaf experience is the mode of communication and the desire of hearing people to "fix problems" associated with deafness. This course will provide an in-depth investigation into the deaf experience. Specifically, this course will focus on historical aspects of deaf people and apply that knowledge to understanding the attitudes and expectations of deaf people today.
Pre / Co requisites: DST 355 requires prerequisites of ASL 110 and ASL 111, or permission of instructor.
Typically offered in Spring.

DST 357. Deaf Culture Perspectives. 3 Credits.

This course will cover a variety of issues related to the Deaf community. It will acquaint students with the history, traditions, and values within the culture of Deaf people. The history of deaf people will focus on struggles, cultural Vs pathological views, legislature and accomplishments. Traditions include the use of humor, success stories, behaviors, and empowerment. Values include the importance of Deaf culture's perspectives on education of deaf children, communication issues, technology, and preservation of American Sign Language.
Pre / Co requisites: DST 357 requires a prerequisite of CSD 110 or ASL 110.
Gen Ed Attribute: American Sign Language Culture Cluster, Foreign Language Culture Cluster.
Typically offered in Spring.