MST: Museum Studies

College of the Sciences and Mathematics

How to Read Course Descriptions

MST 258. Introduction to Museum Studies. 3 Credits.

Exploring the rich diversity of museums in the world, and including behind-the-scenes visits to local museums with their directors and curators, this course compares and contrasts the history, development, culture, needs, and values of the museum in contemporary society.
Gen Ed Attribute: Interdisciplinary Requirement.
Typically offered in Fall.

MST 280. Museum Techniques. 1-3 Credits.

This course involves practical learning for the purposes of technical skills acquisition. Students will learn about and practice one or more museum techniques or procedures in a pre-professional setting. The course is taught in a lab, repository, or museum context. Students will learn to execute proper museum technique and record keeping and follow ethical standards of performance while being involved with project-based learning.
Pre / Co requisites: MST 280 requires a prerequisite of MST 258.
Typically offered in Fall, Spring & Summer.
Repeatable for Credit.

MST 350. Collections Care and Management. 3 Credits.

This course addresses the responsibilities, standards, and practical skills involved in managing and caring for humanities and science object and specimen collections for museums and other curation facilities. Students learn the fundamental areas of collections management, including artifact handling, cataloging procedures, curatorial standards, archival storage methods, and collections accessibility. Students also address the procedures and issues related to preservation and preventative conservation.
Pre / Co requisites: MST 350 requires a prerequisite of MST 258.
Typically offered in Spring.

MST 358. Museum Exhibit Curation. 4 Credits.

This course provides a high-impact learning experience on the theoretical and practical workings of museums and museum curation by empowering students to co-curate an exhibit in the West Chester University Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology. Students will engage in the entire process of museum curation, from planning the exhibit to acquisitioning and cataloging artifacts for display, from writing museum labels to publishing an exhibit catalog.
Pre / Co requisites: MST 358 requires a prerequisite of MST 258.
Typically offered in Spring.