Educational Psychology (EDP)

College of Education and Social Work

How to Read Course Descriptions

EDP 199. Transfer Credits. 1-10 Credits.

Transfer Credits.
Repeatable for Credit.

EDP 200. Middle Grades Cognition. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on the study of cognitive development and cognition research related to middle grade students in the context of educational psychology. It also examines selected learning theories, motivation, and classroom management. There is a field experience.

EDP 201. Young Adolescent/Adolescent Development and Learning Theories. 3 Credits.

This course is a study of the physical, personal, social and emotional development of early through late adolescence in the context of classroom teaching; it also examines selected learning theories. There is a field component.

EDP 250. Educational Psychology. 3 Credits.

A study of learning in relation to the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects of personality.
Distance education offering may be available.

EDP 349. Adolescent Development. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on the emotional, social, intellectual, moral, physical, and self-concept factors shaping human behavior with emphasis on adolescent behavior.

EDP 467. Group Dynamics. 3 Credits.

A group process course designed to help students develop their personal effectiveness in group situations.